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Prayer Changes Everything

“Ava”, feeling overwhelmed with the difficulties her family was facing, was planning to abort her pregnancy.  She came to the Center to confirm her pregnancy and get information on abortion procedures.  She and her husband of seven years, have a blended family and the oldest teen daughter was just diagnosed with cancer. They found this out right about the time she learned of her pregnancy.  With her husband traveling often for work, she is the main care giver for the children and the only parent available to take her daughter to her medical appointments.  “Ava” was very emotional and tearful as she shared about the cancer diagnosis of their teen daughter and the unexpected burden of this pregnancy, feeling she couldn’t go through with a pregnancy right now and needed to have an abortion.  She said her husband was okay with whatever she decided.  Her advocate encouraged her to not rush into a decision and prayed with her.

Days later “Ava” returned for her ultrasound and said she was still pursuing an abortion.  She was quiet during the ultrasound and tried to avoid looking at the screen.  She began to cry and covered her face when she heard the baby’s heartbeat.  She was 7 weeks into her pregnancy. Her advocate sat down with her and asked how she was doing.  She said “not good” and shared her and her husband were now separated and started crying.  Her advocate told her that even though she feels alone, God is with her through this storm and then prayed for “Ava” to have strength, wisdom and peace.  Another ultrasound appointment was offered and encouraged, as she was still making a decision about her pregnancy.

“Ava” returned 12 days later for another ultrasound and told us she decided to go through with this pregnancy.  This time she watched the screen and smiled when she saw her baby wiggling and gladly accepted sonogram pictures of her baby.  Her advocate then met with her to go over her parenting plan and resources.  She asked her what changed her mind and “Ava” said, “that she prayed for me” referring to her first ultrasound appointment. She said she was in a bad place then because her husband had left her and she had an abortion scheduled for that Saturday.

She was crying tears of joy as she explained that her husband came home the very next day and he was now happy about the pregnancy.  “Ava” said she had been praying and decided she couldn’t go through with the abortion. Now they are both happy about the pregnancy and getting ready to tell the kids.  She said they also received good news about their daughter’s cancer in that it had not spread and was treatable with radiation and surgery, and the doctors were optimistic.

“Ava’s” story is not unique. Fifty-nine percent of abortions in 2014 were obtained by women who had had at least one child.  The reasons women gave for having an abortion underscored their understanding of the responsibilities of parenthood and family life.We are grateful “Ava” found support and strength through prayer and our free services to choose LIFE and continue her pregnancy.

With your support, we have the power to connect with women who see their pregnancy as a burden before they go down the road of abortion.  Everyday, babies’ lives are saved from abortion because of the care and services they received at the Pregnancy Care Center.  For more information or to schedule a tour, click to send us an email.

* Jerman J, Jones RK and Onda T, Characteristics of U.S. Abortion Patients in 2014 and Changes Since 2008, New York: Guttmacher Institute, 2016.

CLM-Mar 2017

Celebrate Life Moments – June 2015

I met 23-year old “Jackie” a year ago.  She came in to discuss options for her unplanned pregnancy.  She shared that she had an abortion at 17 and since the clinic was “that of a family friend” she received no counseling prior to the abortion procedure.  At the time she had no idea how an abortion would affect her emotionally and now stated that she could “never do that again.”  However, she was a single mother to her 1-year old son and felt that she “didn’t have enough to give to 2 babies since she loved her son so much and he demands a lot of attention.”  Jackie had an early sonogram six weeks into this pregnancy showing her baby’s beating heart.  She was surprised to learn from our nurse that babies have a heartbeat 18 days from conception.  Jackie made the decision to keep her baby even though she was struggling financially and unsure about a future relationship with the baby’s father.

She enrolled in Parenting Classes, yet was only able to attend a couple of classes and stopped coming due to transportation and phone obstacles.  We continued to connect with her via email and learned that Baby Elijah was born 11/29!  We offered Jackie a gift basket of baby items for Elijah and continued to stay connected.  Last month, Jackie paid us a surprise visit with baby Elijah in hand.  She came to share what had happened in her life since being at the Pregnancy Care Center.  After Elijah was born she began to attend church on a regular basis and in February 2015, she accepted Christ and was baptized!!!  She smiled as she shared her testimony and said “that she’s never felt so good about life before.”  She still has financial struggles, but is planning to go back to school working towards financial stability.  She and Elijah’s father are together working on their relationship and she prays and connects with Jesus over all things.
Stories like Jackie’s life transformation are real!  We are humbled and blessed to witness God’s life transforming mercy and grace touching the women that walk through our doors.
Gina Snow

Client Advocate
& Operations Media Manager

Client Feedback (Issue #2)

Our client advocates provide confidential peer counseling in a safe, loving and non-judgmental environment.  Our caring staff & volunteers answer questions while offering resources and alternatives to abortion.  Here is what some of our clients have said on their “exit questionnaire”…

What information did you receive today that was helpful to your specific situation?
“That I don’t want an abortion. My counselor was very understanding.”
“Mental support. Positive feedback.”
“How to become more closer with my boyfriend and God Himself.”
“More information about the pregnancy process.”
“God didn’t give me this baby if He didn’t trust me with it.”
“I’m not being judged based on my decision.”
Has your session today affected how you feel about your situation?
“Yes, very much changed my mind.”
“Makes me want to give it more thought.”
“Loved my counselor. She is caring, helpful and listened to what I had to say. Loved when she prayed.”
“I think I’m keeping my baby.”
“I learned more about what I’d be going through and more about my options.”
“My counselor was reassuring and helpful.”
“I’m still going thru with my plan, but my counselor genuinely cared.”
“I felt extremely confused for what decision I wanted to make. Talking with my counselor, I feel open to all my options.”
 “More at peace about the situation.”
“I was thinking about abortion, now I want to keep it.”
How could we be more helpful to someone in your situation?
“You all are doing a great job. I felt so much at ease.”
“I had a great experience here.”
“Y’all are doing an awesome job very encouraging and understanding.”
“Great & very helpful.”

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Power of the Mind

Are you asking yourself, “Who is Ben Carson?”

Here is an excerpt from a film (Four Chambers) completed by Imanuel Goncalves in 2013.

Dr. Ben Carson on the Power of the Mind is a short testimony on the power of our minds and how to use them to their full potential.

(Dr. Carson will be the guest speaker at our 2014 Celebrating Life Gala)

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