Celebrate Life Moments – June 2015


I met 23-year old “Jackie” a year ago.  She came in to discuss options for her unplanned pregnancy.  She shared that she had an abortion at 17 and since the clinic was “that of a family friend” she received no counseling prior to the abortion procedure.  At the time she had no idea how an abortion would affect her emotionally and now stated that she could “never do that again.”  However, she was a single mother to her 1-year old son and felt that she “didn’t have enough to give to 2 babies since she loved her son so much and he demands a lot of attention.”  Jackie had an early sonogram six weeks into this pregnancy showing her baby’s beating heart.  She was surprised to learn from our nurse that babies have a heartbeat 18 days from conception.  Jackie made the decision to keep her baby even though she was struggling financially and unsure about a future relationship with the baby’s father.

She enrolled in Parenting Classes, yet was only able to attend a couple of classes and stopped coming due to transportation and phone obstacles.  We continued to connect with her via email and learned that Baby Elijah was born 11/29!  We offered Jackie a gift basket of baby items for Elijah and continued to stay connected.  Last month, Jackie paid us a surprise visit with baby Elijah in hand.  She came to share what had happened in her life since being at the Pregnancy Care Center.  After Elijah was born she began to attend church on a regular basis and in February 2015, she accepted Christ and was baptized!!!  She smiled as she shared her testimony and said “that she’s never felt so good about life before.”  She still has financial struggles, but is planning to go back to school working towards financial stability.  She and Elijah’s father are together working on their relationship and she prays and connects with Jesus over all things.
Stories like Jackie’s life transformation are real!  We are humbled and blessed to witness God’s life transforming mercy and grace touching the women that walk through our doors.
Gina Snow

Client Advocate
& Operations Media Manager