February Feedback (Issue #1)

What our clients have said about us on their “exit questionnaire” this month…


Q: What information did you receive today that was helpful to your specific situation?

  • “Adoption”
  • “We were not judged and given resource for whatever decision I decide”
  • “The joy of having a baby and not an abortion”
  • “Everything look healthy”
  • “Baby is healthy.  Weeks specified.”


Q: Has your session today affected how you feel about your situation?

  • “Yes. I know if were to have an abortion I would be devasted”
  • “Yes. I feel so much better coming in today and speaking out. Both were amazing people that I am more certain to let my baby live”
  • “Yes.  It made me reconsider my situation”
  • “Completely. It has made things more realistic.
  • “Gave me insight on both options. Sono really had an impact on me.


Q: How could we be more helpful to someone in your situation?

“Everything was great! Recommend sonograms “seeing is believing”



“Everyone should come here first before considering abortion and/or parenting.”