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1. I have read and am in agreement with the Pregnancy Care Center’s Statement of Faith.

2. I have read and agree to follow the Pregnancy Care Center’s Statement of Principle.

3. I am committed to the following five essential principles:

  • A firm commitment to the sanctity of human life.  (I will not refer a client for an abortion under any circumstances.)
  • A commitment to the woman seeking help in the PCC; she is my primary concern.
  • A commitment to uphold biblical values and not confuse them with cultural values.
  • A commitment to maintaining confidentiality in regard to the clients of the PCC. (I will not mention their names outside the center for any reason – a pseudonym will be used for making prayer requests. I will not notify their parents, husband, or anyone else of their visit to the center or of their possible pregnancy.)
  • A commitment to maintaining a lifestyle of sexual purity for myself.

4. I am committed to being discrete about the confidential information regarding the Pregnancy Care Center, donors, other volunteers, or employees while I am a volunteer; I will continue to protect this information even after leaving the Center.

5. I am committed to work my scheduled shift and to arrive on time in order to be prepared spiritually and physically to minister.  If I am a Client Advocate and need to be absent, I will make every attempt to find a substitute.

6. I am committed to attending the ongoing training seminars as a means of receiving continuing education, encouragement, and prayer support.

7. If I am a Client Advocate, I am committed to maintaining contact with my clients until they make a firm decision. I will follow up with each client according to Center policy.

8. I am committed to pray often for the clients, volunteers, staff, and board of the Pregnancy Care Center.

9. I am committed to the Pregnancy Care Center’s policy on adoption. The PCC does not refer for and is never a party in any way to an independent adoption.  Referrals are made only to licensed adoption agencies.

10. I am committed to the Pregnancy Care Center’s policy on birth control and will not under any circumstance recommend or refer any client for any form of birth control.

11. I am committed to serving all clients with an attitude that demonstrates the unconditional love of Christ. I understand that many of them are in crisis and may be difficult to work with; however I will commit to always be cordial and loving and make sure they know that the center is a safe haven for them where they will always feel welcome.



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