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  • The Environment
    "The information was helpful, but much more helpful was the environment they've created here."
  • I feel happy
    "All the information I received was useful and specific to my needs. I don't feel so uncertain and sad anymore. I feel happy."
  • All options
    "Being here has helped me to think about what is right and best for me. Talking about ALL the options is very helpful."
  • Support
    "This place has made me feel better about my situation, that there is support out here for me."
  • Information
    "I feel like I've received a great deal of information that has lessened the stress."
  • Rethink my options
    "It made me rethink my options. Not only for me, but also the baby."
  • I don't feel like I'm alone
    "...I was scared & worried. After, I am more comfortable & I don't feel like I'm alone at all. Very warming & helpful."
  • Important & cared for
    "It helped me to decide for me and not anyone else...they did a wonderful job. I feel very important and cared for."
  • There is always help
    "It helped me realize that there is always help no matter what the problem may be. You did a great job!"
  • I feel empowered
    "This place is AMAZING! From the moment I walked in the door, I knew this place was great. The front desk staff was smiling and friendly. I was concerned that I would feel judged and frowned upon, but it was totally the opposite. I am leaving here today feeling empowered. I wish that there were more places like this available to women across the state. I would highly recommend this place to a friend or family. Thanks to everyone here for the great experience I had!"
  • Counselor that understands
    "I had a wonderful counselor to relate to and that understands. She helped me understand my options and that what I decide is my choice but they are here to help me and offer support. I'm going to make the right choice by the info that was given to me."
  • More aware
    "It's made me more aware of the consequences and actions I would have to take....I'm completely satisfied with your services"
  • Very honest and caring
    "I feel like I received very honest and caring information and it made my day."
  • Peace of mind
    My counselor "gave me peace of mind and helped me not feel alone. I am thankful. Continue doing what you are doing!"
  • Less scared
    "Still feeling scared, but now I feel more informed, less scared than before"
  • To be true to myself
    "My counselor was sweet and compassionate. She told me how I could stay pure, to be true to myself and reach my goals in life with positive people."
  • Great & Friendly
    "You guys are great & friendly, I felt welcomed since the second I walked in :)"
  • Think Twice
    "Made me think twice about my situation. God is giving me signs, I just need to accept them now/prayed for them so now accept it"
  • Considering Abortion
    "I was initially considering abortion and now there is no way... continue doing what you are doing."
  • I feel relieved
    "I feel relieved and much more confident about my pregnancy. I had no one to talk to and ask questions and now I do! I learned about abortion, adoption and my pregnancy. This service is perfect! I couldn't ask for anything better."
  • Perfect
    "I believe everything is perfect so far, and hope many women receive the information well, as I did"
  • Great Job
    "I think yall did a great job making me feel very comfortable and answering any questions I had."
  • Never too late
    "In life you make mistakes, but it's never too late to better yourself."
  • I can do this
    "I've been through an abortion before, and talking to the counselor made me feel like I can do this" (carry to term).
  • A person instead of a statistic
    "The counselor made me feel like more of a person instead of a statistic."
  • As a friend would
    "My counselor listened to me as a friend would. She showed compassion and gave me many resources."
  • This place is magnificent
    "This place is magnificent! It is so different from other testing centers ~ so unique."

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