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“Picture Every Baby”

Posted on June 16, 2017 in: Uncategorized

The Pregnancy Care Center has been busy. 

Our medical team provided 911 ultrasounds in 2016 and as of end of May, we have performed 383 ultrasounds. With our current resources, we can only schedule 28 ultrasounds a week. With 65% of our clients considering or planning to abort, they receive priority for those ultrasounds. We are now UNABLE to provide ultrasounds to every pregnant mother we serve. 

Ultrasounds allow mothers and fathers in an unplanned pregnancy to see their baby and the truth of life in the womb. When a mother sees the heartbeat and the life of her unborn child pictured on the screen, the life of that child becomes REAL for her and the father of baby. This is where we most often see a change of mind and a decision for LIFE!

Our desire is for every mother to see and connect with the life of her child in the womb. Due to limited resources almost 40% of our clients are not getting that opportunity.

You can help us grow…

Our Board of Directors recently met and agreed to launch the “PICTURE EVERY BABY” Campaign. 

Phase ONE. Raise $54,000 within 90 days to expand our medical services and get us up and running.

  • $38,000 for a 2ND Ultrasound machine and equipment
  • $10,000 to renovate office space
  • $6,000 for supplies and furnishings

Target date for Phase ONE is August 31st.

Phase TWO.  Complete construction/renovations and obtain equipment by the Celebrating Life GalaOctober 3rd.

Phase THREE.  Raise an additional $60,000 to budget for medical staff and supplies for 2018.

At the end of every ultrasound appointment, we ask our clients, “Did the ultrasound influence your decision regarding this pregnancy? Yes or No (plus a comment line). The decision to abort or not abort IS impacted by an ultrasound. Here’s what some of our abortion-minded clients are saying…

“It made me realize how I really feel about this pregnancy”
“It opened my eyes”
“I can’t believe it’s real”
“Yes! It changed my mind on abortion”
“The reality set in – I’m having a baby”
“Made me feel more connected to baby”

We see every day how important it is to serve and support every mom and dad in connecting with the life of their unborn baby through an ultrasound. Almost 80% of our clients considering abortion, CHOOSE LIFE after an ultrasound!

Please partner with us to “PICTURE EVERY BABY” and see more lives saved.

(We reserve the right to use any designated donation that surpasses a specific goal to be used toward our Operations budget.)